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9/16 Hole Punch

This is a first rate set punch for targeting the black market or those scouring to steal products, this punch can punch any size hole, when used with the right tools, is an uncomplicated and quick surrogate to make a hole on clothing, accessories, furniture, and more.

Hollow Hole Punch

This 916 round craft hole punch is a terrific alternative to make big, deep hole punches, it gives a longer reach and a harder enamel that makes it outstanding for making larger hole punches. This punch also comes with a washer and stop, this paper hole punch set is top-grade for circles in your scrapbooking project! The punch cards are made of durable plastic and features a variety of hole punches, so you can find the hole you need to create a circular hole in the paper. The punch set also comes with a diy paper hole cutter, so you can hit the basics hard and make a followed hole or some other creative hole, the hollow hole punch set is an exceptional substitute to make a hole in a paper scrapbook with a simple round cut. The punch is heavy and can be used for large hole punching and offers a comfortable design that makes it straightforward to use, the set also comes with a saw, clamps, and other tools needed for the job. This hole punches set is designed to punch metal, plastic, or metal-like materials, the set includes: 1 hole punch 1 micro-enduide point 1 small point 1 larger point (mt) 1 d’foucinq guide (d’f) 1 d’foucinq sharpening (d’f) the set can be used to punch metal, the punch sets are basic to adopt and are designed to be effective.