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Acco 650 Hole Punch

The Acco model 650 is a heavy-duty 2 or 3 hole punch that is first-rate for industrial applications, it is manufactured from durable materials and gives an easy-to-use interface. This punch is fantastic for use in a variety of industries.

Acco 650 Hole Punch Ebay

This is a vintage Acco model 650 industrial heavy duty two 2 or 3 hole punch refurbished, this punch is aacco's top of the line and is designed for industrial use. It is aacco's most advanced two or three hole punch and is designed to handle high-pressure work and heat, this punch is aacco's most reliable and effective punch for today's industrial work. This swingline by Acco model 650 heavy duty adjustable 2 or 3 hole punch is puissant for making small repairs or adding extra hole for a stronger punch, this punch is produced of heavy-duty metal and plastic. It renders two-position adjustable hole, three-position adjustable hole, and a- shank escapement, it also features a black anodized aluminum body. The Acco model 650 industrial heavy duty adjustable 2 or 3 hole punch is first-class for either infinite or regular hole punches, it presents an earth-abrasive texture that is designed to remove any sharp edges and a cropping feature to make it basic to get the punch where you need it. The Acco 650 hole punch is a splendid tool for industrial and heavy-duty punching, it extends a heavy-duty plastic body and drill chuck for quick and smooth cuts. The hole punch also includes an automatic stop so you can easily get to the punch when needed, this punch is first-rate for use in businesses, factories, and other applications where high-quality punching is necessary.