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Coffee Cup Hole Punch

This is a new product for 2 nd amendment redefining everything, we are changing the meaning of holes in things to be more effective and that includes punches. We make a hole in a Coffee Cup and then add our unique mug to make it feel like you are using a real mug, this is a practical gift for the Coffee lover in your life.

Coffee Hole Punch

This is a peerless 2 nd amendment redefining hole puncher that can punch in any size Coffee Cup with ease, keep your Coffee running smoothly with this sensational tool. Do you need a Cup hole punch to redefined the basics of Coffee Cup punishing? This cordless hole puncher from 2 nd amendment is sensational for this! It's small, lightweight and basic to use, making it a sterling surrogate for everyday use, plus, its 11 oz. Weight makes it a valuable surrogate for a Coffee mug, this top hole punch is produced from alloy metal and is designed to punch through a Coffee cup's lid to get at the cup's center. The hole punch renders a tapered head so it can handle many complex hole shapes, its offsets and buffers make it basic to get the hole punch onto the cup's lid easily. The hole punch also comes with a tool to help get the hole punch into the cup's center, this is a beneficial puncher for Coffee cups as it changes the substitute our Coffee feels and smells. It is additionally cedilla safe which always a bonus, the hole is small so it can be used on smaller Coffee cups and the punch is strong so it won't tear the coffee.