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Fabric Hole Punch

This Fabric hole punch tool peerless for an admirer hunting to punch through Fabric or leather belt collar strap, it is heavy duty and can handle large holes easily. Plus, it imparts a multi size feature so you can get a top-grade hole punch for your needs.

Canvas Hole Punch

This kit includes a plier hole punch and a canvas hole punch, it is top-quality for repair of leather, fabric, and steel canvas items. The kit comes with a code to create custom hole punches, this belt punch tool is unequaled for fabricating hole sizes 9 and 10 on belts. It offers a two-piece design that makes it straightforward to handle and it also offers a comfortable feel to it, the belt punch tool also happens to be multi size plier size 10. It is exquisite for creating eyelet and hole sizes up to 10, to make a hole punch, you will need some sharp scissors, a painters detergent, and a hole saw. First, make a small hole in the top of your hole punch, and then use the bottom of the hole punch to create a small derivative, this will be the hole for the eyelet in the fabric. Once the hole is made, use the canvas setter to set the other end of the Fabric in the hole, finally, use the repair kit to set the edges of the Fabric together. This heavy duty leather Fabric eyelet plier hole punch pliers tool is designed to punch through heavy duty Fabric and leather pliers with ease, the tool gives a large hole see through it for injections of position. It also renders a reversible hand warping feature which makes it great for changing position of heavy duty leather and Fabric pliers.