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Fiskar Hole Punch

This is an 16" hole punch that comes with the fiskars 01-005762 circle formation, it offers an 116 inch hole hand punch. It punching with a rotary hammer and a-brick saw.

Fiskars Hole Punch

This fiskars hole punch is a first-rate choice to add a confetti cushioned grip to your scrapbooking session, this punch features a fiskars design and is produced of durable plastic. It is moreover heat resistant so you can use it on both cold and hot surfaces, this fiskars eyelet setter is a first-class substitute to add some storage to your toolkit. The setter offers a large hole that makes it sterling for hardcore toolers and for hole punching, the eyelet setter also provides a built in spring hammer that makes it effortless to handle on wet or muddy areas. Finally, the 3 sz, model is large and straightforward to hold for small hands. This punch is a practical substitute for lovers wanting to punch through other metal coverings or who desiderate to punch through a difficult to punch through opening, the hole punch is large and can handle large holes well. It is furthermore lasted long enough to handle more complex angles and v-shaped openings, this punch is designed to punch through a heart's doily in one smooth motion. The hole is large and the hand is able to make good contact with the beating heart, this punch is top-quality for use in enjoy poetry or as a general hole punch. This punch is furthermore non-toxic and non-toxic plastic.