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Hole Punch

Looking for a versatile belt tool that can also make your store more efficient? Search no more than the hole punch belt tool! This powerful tool can do everything from punches and future tools to hold the belt together and splitting a belt head, plus, it extends a wide variety of sizes to suit any belt need.

Individual Hole Punch

The individual hole punch kit is a top-rated alternative to make quick and effortless hole punches for your leather-based items, this kit includes a grommet and a hole punch. The hole punch is quick and uncomplicated to use, and it tears through materials like fabric and leather easily, the grommet kit is like a security system for your leather-based items, and the individual hole punch makes sure that everything is repaired properly. This hole punch is first-rate for punching hole in leather, plastic, or other materials, it is large and comfortable to use, with a durable hilt. The hand pliers feature a deep well and sharp j-hooks for extra security, the punch can handle six sizes of hole, and grants a fast recovery time. This tool is exceptional for any job that requires a hard, dense material to be punched, this 6 sized 9 heavy duty leather hole punch hand plier belt holes revolving punches is top-of-the-heap for holes in belts and other items. It is 6" w x 9" l x h and is fabricated of heavy-duty leather, it presents a comfortable grip and is w x l x the hole punch set comes with 10 tools, including a butler hole, a linear punch, and a jigsaw. It is terrific for diy projects that require punch set 10 pcs heavy duty leather hollow hole punch set 10 pcs this tool is enticing for punches and cuts that need to be hard and level, the punch set 10 pcs heavy duty leather hollow hole punch set 10 pcs is manufactured of durable leather and features a design that will make your projects last longer.