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Knockout Hole Punch

This kit includes 10 ton hydraulic punch driver kit and 6 dies, you can use it to hole punch your own jokes. It's terrific for the professional customer who wants to create custom holes in paper or plastic products.

Electrician Hole Punch

The ko tool kit is a splendid surrogate to get started with electrician hole punch, this tool set includes the following items: - electric device punch - hose punch - hole punch - intermediate punch - rocker arm punch - punch - punch kit our electrical panel hole punch is a peerless tool for cutting through electrical circuits with ease. Our punch is effective and efficient, making it a top-rated tool for cutting electrical panels, with our easy-to-use cutters, you will be able to quickly and easily cut through the protective barriers between the electrical board and the surrounding metal cover. This Knockout hole punch set comes with a driver, hole tool, and case, the driver is an 9-ton, 6-die punch that can punch through most metals. The hole tool is a numerical keyhole that can be used to press the punch into the right hole, the case contains the tools needed to make the hole. The punch set is an exceptional for an individual who needs a strong punch to punch through metal that is too strong with a hand tool, the Knockout hole punch company is a company that specializes in making wonderful amateur punches that are top for professional audiences. Their latest product is their new kit series, which includes the Knockout hole punches s-hole punch and the hydraulic Knockout punch, this set comes complete with an 6-dies set, which makes it facile to create hole punches that are versatile and effective. The hole punches are unequaled for use in your favorite punch demonstrations or even just punching jabs.